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Why Would you Choose Jamieson Laser?

Who we are, What we offer, What makes us different

Why Jamieson Laser?

Jamieson Laser LLC is an American company selling high quality laser engraving and cutting machines. We understand that when looking to purchase a laser machine, you have many suppliers to choose from. Our company offers affordable prices compared to most other American laser distributors, while still providing exceptional quality and customer service.

So Why Buy From Us?

We know that there are several companies in the US importing Chinese made laser machines. They all can save you thousands of dollars over “Made in USA” machines. However, not all importers can provide you with reliable machines like we can. Jamieson Laser has remained successful because we can provide:

  • Helpful support and training.
  • A full inventory of spare parts.
  • Inspection and testing of all machines before shipping.
  • Clear, well written and illustrated manuals.

50 Years in Business, 29 years with Laser Machines

Having been in business for over 50 years, we understand that our success is dependent upon your success. With that in mind, every laser machine we import is setup and fully tested in our facility before we send it to our customers. We also offer individualized training sessions in either our facility here in Litchfield or at your own location. That way you learn at your own pace, and the training is dependent on your own specific needs. We also understand that it is impossible to pass along the 29 years of laser experience we have in just a few days of training. Therefore, we also include free life time support over the phone, email or anyway you feel most comfortable.

For Your Own Peace of Mind

Every machine we sell comes with a one year warranty on all machine components including the laser tube. We stock every component that may be needed and it will be available to you without any delay. If you need a part, we get it in your hands the very next day.


Some of the other benefits that separate us from our competition are:



Operator Manuals

All operator manuals are written by us. We understand the importance of having a manual that you can understand and is easy to follow.


EZ Picture Software

One of the most confusing aspects for a novice user is grasping the concepts for laser engraving photos. This software makes it simple for the most novice of users to create great looking laser engraved pictures.


Laser Speed/Power Calculator

This software simplifies the process of deciding what laser parameters will work best with a particular material.



If leasing a laser machine sounds attractive to you, we work with several leasing companies. Depending upon your situation, we are able to find a leasing company that fits you best and possibly as low as 0%.

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50 Thomaston Road, PO Box 1531 Litchfield, CT 06759

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