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Intense one-on-one training

I just wanted to thank you and tell you how much I appreciated your help and hospitality last week. Because of the intense one-on-one training you provided, I feel comfortable and excited about using my new machine and I believe I’ll become proficient with it in no time. I am sure my students and the school district will put our new laser cutter/engraver to good use for years to come. Our new Jamieson Laser is a fine piece of equipment, but the support, training and professionalism from you is what makes it a top shelf product. I would gladly recommend your company to anyone considering buying a laser cutter/engraver.

Howard Berry

Industrial Arts Teacher, Pinelands Regional High School

A SUPER satisfied customer

Everything here is great. No problems, the machine and I are now fast friends and you would be amazed at some of the things we have been able to do with it so far. All this has been a great experience and if at any time you need to send someone my way for a reference from a SUPER satisfied customer, me, then please don’t hesitate.

Annie Hahn

Annie's Awards

Fun in business

I want to tell you how unbelievably fun this laser has been for me. I can see such potential for my business from this single piece of equipment. Also the level of customer support is, in my opinion, top of the line. I had issues and you walked me through the solutions step-by-step. I appreciate all your help and support.

Tammy Larrabee

Committed to filling their customers needs

Dave is bursting with ideas. Thank you so much for your excellent service. We found it quite uplifting to work with people who are knowledgeable about their product, excited about its potential and committed to filling their customer’s needs.

Ann Connelly

Easy Built Models

Great Service

Having bought a laser machine from Jamieson Laser, an LG-640, I can say that the service provided is fantastic. I am from Canada and shipping was not hard. Contacted an importer and they made the process much less of a hassle. If thinking of making the jump don’t be shy as it is not that hard and their customer service is great. Ordering spare parts from Jamieson was also a non-issue. Good product with great customer service and a great tool to make a lot of money and creative projects with.

Nygel Smith

In 18 months, we have only changed a light bulb

Jamieson Laser has been the solution to all my hardware, software, support and supply needs. I had been pursuing the right laser machine for my business for a while, never finding the right fit of equipment capability and cost. When I discovered Jamieson, I called them and we met the next day at their headquarters. I had with me several digital files and samples of the materials we use. They trained us on our machine and we left with samples that went right into production. When we got the machine, it too went right into production and has had heavy use for 18 months with no problems. Jamieson has always been there to support my company with extra effort in software use and software upgrades. They have never stopped short of insuring maximum performance of the machine. In 18 months there has not been a single problem or any downtime. We have only changed a light bulb.

Charlie Contompasis

Keryakos Inc.

Built like a tank

I have owned my LG-900 for about a year now and run it for about 30 hours a week, every week. I purchased the chiller and rotary attachment also. Since I have owned it my business has exploded. I am now able to do projects I have never imagined. The rotary attachment is built like a tank. The machine itself is built like a tank. Since I have owned it, the only issue I’ve had is the external chiller’s water pump died the week of a very large order. I called Jamieson, spoke to Alex, the owner, and he walked me through making a temporary make shift water cooling system so I was able to get the order completed. Two days later, a brand new chiller was at my door. The Laser Cut software is simple, once you figure it out, and the seamless transition from AI to the Laser Cut software is awesome. All in all, I am very excited to purchase another laser in the coming years when it’s time to upgrade to the larger 130 Watt version. Jamieson will continue to have my business!

Ortmann Woodcraft

It’s a real workhorse

We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our Jamieson LG-640 CO2 Laser! Within two weeks of bringing the machine home from Connecticut to Tennessee, we delivered our first completed multi-item order. Since that time, we have learned that the only limits of this machine are from the operator. We’ve tried laser engraving and cutting several different mediums and enjoy working with leather most of all, although we do still use wood, ceramic and glass. If our business continues to grow and expand, we are considering the purchase of an additional machine to run simultaneously with this one. It’s a real workhorse. Working with Jamieson was a pleasant experience. Your team worked with us from the decision process of which model would be best for us, picking up the machine and training, and continued support after the sale. We could not have purchased a better laser for the money and for what fits our needs. Bear Necessities can wholeheartedly recommend the LG-640 and Jamieson Laser!

Ron & Mavis Weger

Bear Necessities

The possibilities are endless

We have had our laser for 6 years. It is a work horse! The tech support is worth a million dollars! Not that I have many issues, but if you have a machine question or file issue, Jamieson is there to help. The possibilities are endless. You may have an idea of what you want to make with your laser BUT once you get going you will find yourself saying, “I could make ______”! I believe you can’t go wrong with Jamieson Laser.

Lily Miller

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