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LG-900 Laser Machine with 24″ x 36″ Work Area

LG-900 Laser Machine with 24" x 36" Work Area

Our LG-900 is a great machine for low to medium production size. Just like all our LG models, it is great for a variety of materials and sizes that could fit within the 24″ x 36″ honeycomb bed. This LG-900 can be installed with a 60 or 100 Watt CO2 laser tube. Our 100 Watt tube can cut up to 3/8″ hard wood and 3/4″ acrylics. Our LG-900 laser machine comes with a steel honeycomb cutting bed, exhaust fan, air assist compressor, full technical support for the life of your machine. We also offer optional personalized training, in which our staff makes sure you know how to use and maintain your laser machine.

What does the LG-900 include?


Lifetime online and phone support.


Auto Focus.


Removable steel honeycomb cutting table.


Includes a easy-read operator manual, written by our staff.


Inexpensive laser replacement


Laser Cut 5.3 design software included.


Red Dot alignment pointer for accurate positioning of your work.


A 60 Watt CO2 laser tube, exhaust fan, and air assist compressor are all included in the price.


Also included in the price are our one year parts warranty and one-year laser tube and optics warranty.


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