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Jamieson Large Format Laser Machines

Our Large Format machines are specially suited for laser cutting and laser engraving flat surfaces and can accommodate large sheets of material. For more information or to view samples made with Jamieson Laser Machines go to our Materials & Applications page.

Model HS-1630

Main Features


LaserWorks graphic design software included. State-of-the-art laser machine software supports commonly used graphic formats.


256MB Program storage in machine.


Coated ZNSE meniscus focusing lens. Choice of 2", 2.5" or 3.3" focal lengths.


Water cooler for the CO2 laser tube, exhaust fan, and air assist compressor are all included in our price.


Upper fume extraction system around the cutting nozzle in addition to fume extraction below the workpiece.


USB port interface.


Analog laser control to reduce power around tight curves.


Red alignment laser for accurate positioning of your parts.


Included in the price are personalized training, our one-year parts warranty and one-year laser tube and optics warranty. Heat treated machine bed for maximum stability.


Restart without loss of position after a stop or loss of power.

Available Options


CO2 Lasers Tubes with 60 Watts, 100 Watts, or 130 Watts.


Our 100 and 130 Watts laser tubes include the latest advances in glass tube lasers. The design life has now extended to 10,000 hours.


For Indoor Exhaust; a multi-stage exhaust filters (with bag, HEPA and carbon filters), to satisfy local environmental regulations.

Jamieson Laser Operating Panel

The arrangement of the operating control panel is intuitive with clear control buttons and a menu driven LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen for indication of the laser machine’s status and a listing of stored files. This operator panel includes a 3.5″ screen, a graphic display, and mouse operation.


Jamieson Red Alignment Laser and Focusing Head

Our laser engraving machines include a red dot alignment laser pointer for fast alignment of the laser beam to your work piece. In addition, the focusing head also features an air assist nozzle, which helps to keep your focusing lens clean. It directs air into the kerf when cutting, producing straighter and cleaner cut edges.


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