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Jamieson Laser Fume Filter Units from BOFA Americas

The Bofa Advantage Range is the ultimate companion for Jamieson Laser Engravers, Laser Markers & Laser Cutters.

BOFA Americas

Jamieson Laser and Bofa Americas are now working together to provide you with the most efficient, highest quality exhaust filtration options available.

All are multi-stage exhaust filtration units, featuring bag, HEPA and carbon filter elements.

The majority of our customers exhaust their Jamieson Laser directly to the outside, requiring only the exhaust fan included with every laser machine we sell. However, for those who are unable to exhaust outdoors, or where environmental regulations will not allow for exterior exhaust, Bofa extraction systems are available directly from Jamieson Laser.


All units are fitted with continuously rated pumps with life expectancies of 30,000 hours.

Ease of Use

Filters can be easily changed, and simple controls or alarms indicate the need for filter replacement.


A full range of unit and filter monitoring options is available to suit requirements.

Cost Effective

Advantage systems have the highest capacity and the lowest cost filters available on the market.

BOFA Product Selector

Click the button to the right to download the Jamieson Laser – Bofa product selector guide. This provides specifics on the Bofa Advantage range, and serves as an excellent starting point to determine which extraction system is right for your machine and level of use.

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