Our Jamieson LG laser machines give you great flexibility as they laser engrave, laser mark and laser cut flat, boxy, bulky, and cylindrical parts. Laser Marking made a Rotary Engraving Fixture on an LG machine.


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Maximum Flexibility Laser Engraving Machine, Jamieson Model LG-500S Jamieson Laser Cutting Machine Model LG-900 Jamieson Metal Laser Cutting Machine Model LG-1200

View of our 4 wheel Rotary Engraving Fixture.Jamieson Laser

Rotary Engraving Fixture


Laser engrave graphic designs, pictures and text on parts up to 5" in diameter and 20" in length. We offer two engraving fixture choices, one with 4 wheels and another with 3-jaw chuck.

View of our 3 Jaw Chuck Rotary Engraving Fixture.

The set up takes seconds. Just place the fixture into the machine and plug the motor cord into the Y-axis outlet. Programming is identical to X/Y programming.

Main Features


  LaserCut design software included. State-of-the-art engraving and

    cutting software supporting commonly used graphic formats.

  USB port interface.

  32MB Program storage in machine.

  Analog laser control to reduce power around tight curves.

  Coated ZNSE meniscus focusing lens.

  Auto Focus on LG Models focuses the laser at the touch of a button.

  Red Dot alignment pointer for accurate positioning of your parts.

  Vertical travel table to allow processing of bulky materials or the

    use of a rotary engraving fixture.

  Removable steel honeycomb cutting table.

  Exhaust fan and air assist compressor are all

    included in the price.

  Front and rear door opening to allow long material to be

    fed through.

  Also included in the price are our one-year parts warranty and

    one-year laser tube and optics warranty.

  Easy to learn and operate. LG Models also include our new

    easy-read operator manual, written by our staff.

Available Options


  Choice of 60, 100 or 130 Watt CO2 lasers.

  Rotary Engraving Fixture for Engraving & Marking round surfaces

    available with all LG Models.

  Fume Extractor, for indoor exhausting, with filter bag, HEPA

    and carbon filters.

Jamieson Laser Machines: Laser Heads & Guide Rails


Jamieson Laser Engraving, Marking & Cutting Machines Laser Head & Guide Rails.

Our LG laser machines have both a red dot alignment laser pointer and auto focus. The red dot laser pointer emits a visible red laser beam, coaxial to the CO2 laser beam, showing your starting point with great accuracy.  The auto focus allows you to focus the laser with the push of a button.


All Jamieson laser machines feature a lens nozzle, which effectively keeps the lens clean and directs the air assist into the kerf when cutting. The results are straighter and cleaner cut edges. Behind the focusing head, you can see the guide rail of the X-axis. All guide rails on LG laser machines use high precision linear ball bearings, which are play free and preloaded for trouble-free life-long performance.



Specifications Table

Model LG-500S LG-900 LG-1390
Complete System starts at only: $6,100.00 $7,980.00 $10,980.00
Work Area (Inches) 16 x 20 24 x 36 35 x 51
Vertical Travel of Table (Inches) 15 17 17
Red Dot Alignment Pointer Yes
Rotary Engraving Fixture Optional
Laser Power (Watts) 60 60 or 100 60, 100, or 130
Max. Engraving Speed (in/sec) 40
Engraving Depth (Inches) 0.140
Min. Engraved Letter Size (Inches) 0.040
Resolution (Inches) 0.001
Cutting Accuracy 0.002
Repeatability 0.0004
Power Supply (V/Ph/Hz) 220/1/60
Connected Load (Watts) 1000 - 2000
Drive Motors Micro Steppers
Compatible Software LaserCut, CorelDraw, AutoCad, Photoshop
Graphic Formats BMP, CDR, DXF, PLT, JPEG, GIF, TIF
Machine Size (Inches) 54 x 32 x 42 54 x 40 x 42 72 x 52 x 42
Weight (Lbs) 300 490 700

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