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  All Jamieson Machines are well suited for Laser Engraving, Laser Marking & Laser Cutting on a variety of materials. Thus, many non metal materials

    like wood, plastics, cardboard, leather and others may be engraved, marked and cut while metals, glass and marble can be beautifully marked.

  The Table Top Machines are our smallest and well suited lasers for start-up companies or those with limited production needs.

  Our larger LG models are very flexible on the usage of materials and sizes for Engraving, Marking & Cutting with an up-down table

    and a back door opening for unlimited length materials.

  The HS models are strictly for sheet work and have the advantage of a downdraft table, which can straighten thin material to keep

    it in perfect focus.

  Large Format Machines are open top, class 4 Engravers, Markers & Cutters, which can be used with 5' x 10' sheets or roll materials. It can be

    advantageously used with fabric and twill up to 60" wide.

  Our Conveyor Machines can cut roll materials. These laser machines can feed fabric or film from 60" to 72" long roll and cut large quantities of

    parts automatically.


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Jamieson Laser Machines

Important Features


A Red-Dot Alignment Laser Pointer is included in all Jamieson Laser MachinesJamieson Laser Engraving, Marking & Cutting Machines. Red-Dot Alignment Pointer, Lens Nozzle & Air Assist Compressor to ensure the easy alignment of the laser beam to customers work by emitting a visible red laser beam that indicates an starting point.


Jamieson Laser Machines for Engraving, Marking & Cutting feature a Lens Nozzle, which utilizes an air assist compressor to direct the air into the kerf when cutting.

The air assist disperses smoke and

flammable gases from the working area

to accomplish results in straighter and cleanly cut edges by removing any vaporized material from the kerf. Moreover, it protects the focusing lens and helps keep it clean by directing the airJamieson Laser Engraving & Laser Cutting Machines. LCD Panel on Laser Machines. flow away from the lens.


All Jamieson Laser Machines have an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Panel to make it easy to quickly modify the programmed laser cutting speed and laser power, or effortlessly access over 100 stored files.

Every Jamieson Laser Machine we sell includes a Water Cooling System for the CO2 Laser Tube. This Water Cooler maintains an even operation temperature in the laser tube, and therefore the steady power output critical for a high quality work.


Also included with our Jamieson Laser machines is one exhaust fan allowing fumes to dissipate outside of your building.


For indoor exhaust, multi-stage exhaust filtration units from BOFA Americas are available to satisfy local environmental regulations.

Training, Technical

Assistance and Warranties


Jamieson Laser Engraving & Laser Cutting Machines, Laser Head & Guide Rails.All Jamieson Laser Engravers, Laser Markers & Laser Cutters are the price leaders in their class. With a variety of sizes, features and laser powers, our machines can be custom matched to suit our customers needs.


Learning how to operate a new Laser Engraving, Marking & Laser Cutting Machine may seem overwhelming. This is why we provide a personalized training at our Litchfield, Connecticut facility.We believe it is important that our customers feel confident operating and maintaining their machine. Also, unlimited technical assistance is just a email or phone call away for the life of the machine.

We are very confident in the quality of the Laser Engravers, Laser Markers and Laser Cutters we sell, and that is the reason why we offer a one-year parts warranty on all of our Laser Machines. If any part of the machine fails during that time, it will be replaced for free of charge. Since we maintain an extensive inventory of parts at our facility, they can be shipped to customers quickly, minimizing any potential downtime.


Jamieson Laser Engraving Marking & Cutting Machines. CO2 Laser TubeIn addition, we provide a full year warranty on all of our laser tubes and optics. Jamieson Laser Cutting Machines use DC excited, sealed glass tube CO2 laser tubes which provide outstanding laser beam characteristics. This creates excellent edge quality on a variety of materials while cutting with sharpness of detail when engraving.

All of our machines are equipped with CO2 laser tubes that are tested upon arrival to our facility.Laser Marking of Puma on Tile. These durable lasers are known for their long lifespan, and these engravers, markers, and laser cutters carry the same great warranty as our other lines. These high quality laser tubes are exceptionally reliable. A recent survey showed that 87% of all Jamieson Laser Machines between 3 and 6 years old are still running on their first laser tube.


All Jamieson Laser Machines Include

- One Year Parts Warranty

- One Year Laser Tube & Optics Warranty

- Unlimited Technical Support


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