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Laser Accessories and Spare Parts

      At Jamieson Laser, we strive to providing our customers the best support and service possible.  That is why we try to carry every spare part in stock that you might need.  Our extensive inventory of parts means replacements get shipped to you as quickly as possible.  We also have many accessories that can be added on to enhance the use of our laser machines.  Check out some of our parts and accessories here, or contact us to see if we have what you need.

CO2 Laser Tubes

Water Chillers

Vacuum Table

Our spare parts include CO2 laser tubes
Water chillers are an availabe accessory from Jamieson Laser
Laser vacuum tables are another accessory

  Available in 45, 60, 100, or 130 Watts

  Our laser tubes are tested upon arrival to ensure that they fire and produce the desired laser output.

  Comes with connectors and rubber padding to make sure they can fit any laser machine.

  Two different water chillers available (CW-5000 and CW-3000)

  Options for 110V or 220V

  Comes with two hoses, a signal cable, and a power cable


  Allows for thin materials to be cut or engraved by creating a vacuum underneath the material so that it lies flat

  Designed and assembled right here by our staff.

  Very easy to install, includes detailed instructions

Lenses and Mirrors

Rotary Attachment

Power Supplies

Our laser parts inventory include lenses and mirrors
Jamieson offers laser rotary attachments
Laser Power Supplies are also available from Jamieson Laser

  Two types of ZnSe focus lenses (50.8mm or 63.5mm FL)

  Various mirrors for different sized laser machines

  Comes with instructions on how to install and properly clean

  Available in two different styles (four wheels or 3-jaw chuck)

  Allows for round parts to be engraved up to 5" in diameter and 20" in length

  Only for our model LG Machines

  Programming is identical to regular X/Y programming

  Available in 45, 60, 100, or 130 Watts of laser power

  Options for 110V or 220V depending upon the power

  Our support team can easily walk you through installation to your laser engraver


EZ-Picture is another cool laser accessory that Jamieson offers

   Another great accessory we offer is EZPicture software which allows for effortless engraving of photos and images

   Laser engraving pictures can be difficult and stressful, but with EZPicture we did the hard work for you

   This helpful tool was created by our own Jamieson Laser staff and used by us to create many of our laser samples

   Complementary with any laser machine purchase

We have many other accessories and spare parts that are not listed above.  Please contact us for more information about pricing or product details.


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